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Introducing NEW Brisk Mate Energizing Iced Tea

Brisk Mate: Power of the Tribe

Brisk Launched a new energizing iced tea platform named "Brisk Mate". This product provided smooth energy to consumers via natural Yerba Mate blend. This white space disrupting product line received a 89% probability of success from Nielsen Bases II, the second highest in the Pepsico portfolio. Brisk Mate launched with a brand new 360 campaign "Power of the Tribe" meant to ignite your energy, giving you the spark and extra boost to awaken the power of your own squad.

Role: Project Lead

Brisk: Brand Refresh

Brisk underwent a brand refresh in an attempt to increase relevancy and authenticity with consumers. This refresh brought a new look and feel, brand communication idea, style guide and overall strategy to life, all co-crafted by the people the brand serves.

Role: Strategy and Creative Lead

Team Optic x Brisk Mate Partnership

Brisk Mate: Team Optic Partnership

As Brisk looks to enter the E-Gaming space, Brisk Mate Partnered with Team Optic. Aimed at gamers looking for the best fuel to power up their own game with their friends, Team Optic helps Brisk Mate define the "Power of the Tribe".

Role: Strategy Lead

Brisk: Kinda Out There Supercut

Brisk: Kinda Out There was a campaign centered around calling out the different elements of Brisk's bold product packaging. Filled with characters, Kinda Out There brought these characters to life and placed them everywhere the consumers were. The characters, similar to the consumers are "Kinda Out There", playing on the differentiation of the targets ideas and lifestyle. This campaign consisted of creative, OOH, live activations, partnerships and :05 pre-roll.

Role: Cultural Consult

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